Pushing the boundaries from realism to art with needle and ink

Deano Cook has brought to life countless tattoos of some of the most complex and beautiful creatures from below the water’s surface. Not only is Cook a skilled tattooist, but he is also an award winning photographer, scuba diver and painter.

Tattoo Services

Tattooing Experience With Deano Cook

Entering Deano’s room is like diving into the ocean. From his gallery of art on displayed, to his vast private collection of images captured on his expeditions in the ocean. Deano starts his sessions by picking the brain of his client and usually roughing out a concept design on his client with multiple markers. Once drawn on, Deano turning to his seamlessly endless bank of images to find the right subject in the position depicted in the composition. To transfer the chosen image to skin, Deano makes the stencil by hand, capturing every ounce of detail the photo offers, along with the knowledge that he knows exactly what the subject looks like in the ocean. Deano records every step of the session with photographs at key moments of progress, which will be all passed along to the client also. Every client leaves with not just a great tattoo, but with the memory and progress photos of their session. Send a message through our booking form, explain and upload photographs of what you would like tattooed.

Commission Art Services

Deano’s Artistic Talent Has Helped Him Gain World-Wide Recognition

Though, most people contact Deano with their body as the canvas for his photo realism artwork. Deano has been doing fine art paintings on canvas, long before taking his skills to skin. Deano’s artwork on canvas, has been sold at fund raisers and for featured in galleries. To commission a painting from Deano Cook, feel free to fill out our inquiry form, stating what you would like painted.

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