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Deano is an artist, an avid scuba diver, an underwater photographer, and a realist. Born landlocked in Atlanta GA, his frequent trips to Florida’s panhandle as a child began his early fascination with the sea.

Deano’s artistic talent has helped him slowly gain recognition, and experience invaluable opportunities. One of these amazing opportunities was assisting Wyland, America’s leading marine life artist, in painting two of Wyland’s famed Whaling Walls. This led to Wyland enlisting Deano to tattoo his entire left arm with Wyland’s own incredible artwork. Through these experiences Deano gained a new sense of accomplishment and a renewed passion for the sea.

Through his photography, Deano strives to capture the beauty he encounters in the underwater world. His photos then become reference for his paintings as he realistically recreates his subject matter on canvas.

Deano is a man on a mission. He wants the people who view his artwork to see exactly what he sees, and to share his love and respect for the underwater world and all it’s amazing creatures.

Deano Cook | Marine Life Painter, Photographer, & Tattooist


Deano Cook LemonS hark

Featuring the award-winning Lemon Shark Sunset; Nature’s Best Photography Grand Prize Winner for the 2012 Ocean Views contest.

“As the sun was setting, I wanted to capture a quiet moment with one of the lemon sharks we had been photographing that afternoon. This particular shark was just as curious as I was, and what an amazing moment I was able to capture! His eye above the surface stares back at me, as if to show me he’s watching, too. Below the surface his mouth was just slightly open, showing off his sharp teeth.”

Wyland Walls

Wyland New Bedford Wall – ‘Great Whales of New Bedford’

Artist Robert Wyland’s 93rd Whale Wall of 100

After a success completion of the 88th Whale Wall, I was invited back to assist in painting a mural in New Bedford, MA, as part of his “Whaling Wall” project, a 20-year effort to raise environmental awareness by painting 100 murals around the world. “93 down, seven to go,” he said.

Wyland Destin Wall – ‘Marine Life of the Gulf’

Artist Robert Wyland’s 88th Whale Wall of 100

Assisted Wyland, America’s leading marine life artist, in painting two of Wyland’s famed Whaling Walls. In 2004, he invited me to come paint with him on a world record (in size) mural he was doing in Destin, once again. I was honored and took him up on his offer. We painted on the project for close to three weeks, during which time we took a major blow from Hurricane Ivan. It took an act of God to slow Wyland down long enough for me to finally start a marine life sleeve on him. We worked on it for a few days and then went back to work on the giant mural. It was during this break from the mural that we were having lunch and I brought up the idea of him doing a lifesize giant squid (60-70 feet in length) on the wall. Wyland gave it some thought. To my surprise, he said he wanted me to work on the squid while he would do a giant sperm whale colliding with it, the creatures locked in an epic battle. It was truly a highlight of my career and my life.That mural really made us closer friends.


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