Art of Deano



Giclee is a French term meaning "sprayed ink". This method of printing uses an ink jet printer to spray millions of colors utilizing continous tone technology. This method of printing produces a photographic image of the painting highly resembling the original artwork. All Giclees are printed on canvas unless otherwise noted.

Limited Edition Artist Proofs

Artist Proofs are a limited seperate catagory within the edition. They have been hand-touched by the artist, adding a one-of-a-kind unique quality to the print. Artist Proofs have also been signed and numbered by the artist.

Limited Edition Prints

These are high quality lithographs that have been inspected, signed and numbered by the artist. They are limited to a pre-determined number and will not be reprinted in that format again.

Open Edition Prints

These prints are an economical alternative to the limited edition prints. They are of the same quality, but are not signed or numbered by the artist.